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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Push Beverages Gluten Free?

Yes, the entire Push Beverages line is gluten free including PUSH, PUSH-2-O, ARCTIC RAIN and TRIBE TEA.


Are Push Beverages Kosher?

Yes, all PUSH, PUSH-2-O and TRIBE TEA flavors except PUSH Grape are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU).


Are Push Beverages caffeine free?

Yes, all flavors of PUSH are caffeine free with the exception of the Arctic Rain, Push Black Colas and iced teas.


Can Push Beverages be vended from a vending machine?

Yes, all 12oz cans and 20oz bottled can be vended from most vending machines.  The bottles and cans have been designed and pressurized for ultimate vend-ability.


Do all Push Beverages have carbonation?

No, our Push lemonade, fruit punch and ice teas are not carbonated.  The entire TRIBE TEA and PUSH-2-O product line is non-carbonated as well.


Does TRIBE TEA use real brewed tea?

Yes, the entire TRIBE TEA line uses real brewed green and black teas, not powdered teas like many others.


Is saccharin or aspartame used in any of your products?

None of our PUSH, PUSH-2-O or TRIBE TEA products use either one of these artificial sweeteners.


How do I read the date on my PUSH bottle or can?

All Push products are dated with the manufacture date.  This is not an expiration date. The format for the Julian coding of the Push product:  DDDYSD/N   LICENSE# TIME

Example: for a product produced Oct 28, 2017 at 2:38pm
3017SD  CT514  1438
301 = Julian day of the year (see converter here:Julian Calendar Converter)
7 = 2017

S = Bottling plant identification
D = day shift (N=night shift)


1438 = 24hr military time for 2:38pm


How long after the manufacture date can PUSH products used by?

We recommend for optimal flavor and carbonation that all cans be used within one year of manufacture and plastic bottles within 8 months to one year depending on flavor and 5 months for diet flavors. 


Why is the PUSH shelf life longer than many other similar products?

Push is made in a thicker bottle using maximum carbonation and more stable ingredients that aren't affected as much by heat or time. We also don't use cheap artificial sweeteners like aspartame in our diet products since it is known to break down over time. This is how we get 5 months from our PUSH diets versus 12 weeks. Many soda companies like to have the short dating so consumers can't stock up on supermarket or club store sales.  We don't play those games!


How do I read the date on my TRIBE TEA, LIQUID LIGHTNING or PUSH-2-O water?

All TRIBE TEA products are dated with a “Best By” date on on the cap. LIQUID LIGHTNING "Best By" dates are on the bottom of the can and PUSH-2-O is just below the neck of the bottle above the label.

What are the calorie counts of my drink?

All calorie counts can be found by clicking on the item photo to open the nutrition box or in the PDF at the bottom of the Products page.


What is the caffeine content in our TRIBE TEAs?

The natural caffeine content in the tea leaves we use will vary from season to season, thus the reason for the range.  All figures are per 8oz serving.


Green Tea: 18.5 mg-19.5 mg

Diet Green Tea: 11 mg-12 mg

Diet Lemon Tea: 22 mg-23 mg

Peach Tea: 22 mg-23 mg

Lemon Tea: 22 mg-23 mg

Unsweet Tea: 0.80 mg-2.60 mg

Raspberry Tea:  22 mg-23 mg


Which states are PUSH products labeled for deposit?

All eligible products are labeled with ME, MA, NY, CT, VT, OR, IA, DE, HI, MI and CA.


How is PUSH-2-O water purified?

All our PUSH-2-O waters are purified using reverse osmosis.  This is a very advanced process to remove bacteria and impurities to deliver fresh, great-tasting water.  This is the same process that all the major purified brands use while most bottled spring waters do not go through any purification process. The water for all PUSH and TRIBE TEA products use reverse osmosis water as well. For more information on this process see:



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